Comparative Zoo-Veterinary Hematology – Rotterdam Zoo

This website is created by the Veterinary Department of the Rotterdam Zoo, The Netherlands, to share the expertise on hematology.

For information or comment please contact Mark de Boer, Veterinary Technologist .


Tupinambis merianae

eritroplastidoErythroblastosis from a Argentine black and white tegu

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Caiman jacare

eosinofilosEosinophil from a Yacare caiman

This picture is provided by:
J.C. Troiano
Chair of medicine and wildlife production
Faculty of veterinary university of Buenos Aires

Caiman latirostris

basofilos yacreBasophils from a  broad-snouted caiman

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Crotalus durissus terrificus

azurofilo viboritaAzurophil from  a South American rattlesnake

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Procyon lotor

An atypical lymphocyte from an adult raccoon with a pancreas tumor with metastasis to the liver. Continue reading

Geochelone nigra

Heterophil and thrombocytes from a Galapagos tortoise

Rissa tridactyla

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